From North America

The easiest way is to fly to Rome and then take a connecting flight from Rome to Ancona Airport (Falconara). There are 3 flights a day from Rome to Ancona with Alitalia, and participants could be met and taken directly to their hotel in Fermo (about 70 km away). [Commercial Minibus service]

Please inform the conference organizers at of time of arrival and number of people

Timetable of connecting Alitalia flights to and from Rome:
 Rome-Ancona: h.9:30; h.17:50; h.21:15 (1 hour’s flight)
Ancona-Rome: h.6:55; h.11:15; h.19:30 (50 minutes’ flight)There are also trains from Rome Stazione Termini, nearest station to Fermo is Porto San Giorgio, a journey of over 4 hours. Participants could be met at Porto San Giorgio Station (7 km from Fermo). Please inform the conference organizers at of time of arrival and number of people.

 Trains from Rome to Porto S.Giorgio 

 – h.9.50 (Eurostar), arrive at Ancona h.12.52.

Change train.

Leave Ancona h.13.30, arrive at Porto S.Giorgio h.14.16 (total travel time h.4.26)
– h.15.27 (Eurostar), arrive at Ancona h.18.35.

Change train.

Leave Ancona h.18.55, arrive at Porto S.Giorgio h.19.30 (total travel time h.4.03).

If train from Rome is delayed, leave Ancona h.19.20, arrive at Porto S.Giorgio h.20.04 (total travel time h.4.37)

Intercontinental flights arrive also to Milan Malpensa.

Trains leave from Milan Stazione Centrale.

Trains from Milan to Porto S.Giorgio
– h.7.35 (Eurostar), arrive at Ancona h.11.38.

Change train.

Leave Ancona h.11.55, arrive at Porto S.Giorgio h.12.30 (total travel time h.4.55)
– h.11.35 (Eurostar), arrive at Ancona h.15.38.

Change train.

Leave Ancona h.15.55, arrive at Porto S.Giorgio h.16.30 (total travel time h.4.55)
– h.15.35 (Eurostar), arrive at Ancona h.19.38.

Change train.

Leave Ancona h.19.55, arrive at Porto S.Giorgio h.20.30 (total travel time h.4.55)
– h.17.35 (Eurostar), arrive at Ancona h.21.55.

Change train.

Leave Ancona h.22.05, arrive at Porto S.Giorgio h.22.51 (total travel time h.5.16)

From Europe/UK

See North America information.

Ryanair () has daily flight directly from Stansted Airport, UK, to Ancona. Timetable varies according to the day of the week.

BEWARE, however, of the draconian rules imposed by Ryanair, such as 15 kg checked baggage, and max 10 kg hand luggage, which includes ladies’ handbags, computers, cameras, duty free purchases, etc. all in ONE piece of luggage measuring 55x40x20 cm. They DO check!

Car rental

The town of Fermo consists of the mediaeval part, with steep, cobbled narrow streets, on top of a small hill, and the rest of the modern town at sea level. Having a car is not advisable during the workshop, as the venues are all within walking distance, and cars are not allowed to enter the old town. A car would be useful to explore the beautiful surroundings and villages.