Il Polo

  Polar Geographical Institute Journal

“Silvio Zavatti”

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Renato Zavatti

Numero unico
gennaio – febbraio 1946

“Il Polo” journal was born in 1945 when Silvio Zavatti decided to start a newsletter for the Polar Geographical Institute. The Institute, founded in 1944, had been created as “…an institute dedicated to studying the polar regions, fighting to correct the blatant mistakes that other publications had made thus far, organising expeditions to the Pole and publishing a specialised magazine.” Silvio Zavatti was not just a scholar, but also a field researcher and an explorer; furthermore, he always showed a particular interest in the native populations and in the protection of their ethnic peculiarities, in the defence of their historical and cultural identity and their right to preserve their existence. This is the only way to give scientific research, be it human sciences or exact sciences research, the value it deserves. “Il Polo” journal has been the proof of it for over fifty years, with coherence and continuity. The magazine itself is an important part of the life of the Museum.