The Istituto Geografico Polare (Polar Geographical Institute) was founded in 1944 in Forlì, Italy, by the scholar and polar expert Silvio Zavatti. It is now in Fermo, in the Marche region of Italy.

Its official publication is the quarterly journal IL POLO, started in 1945 and still the only polar journal in Italy. For nearly 70 years it has published articles on all aspects of polar subjects, both in the humanities (polar history, anthropology, ethnography, legal matters, governance) and in natural sciences (polar oceanography, remote sensing, glaciology, biology, paleoscience). Its broad subject matter is aimed both at scholars and at an educated general public with an interest in the polar regions.

Its contributors are academics and researchers, experts, explorers, anthropologists, historians and scientists of international repute. Recent articles have covered the history of exploration of the North American Arctic; the physics and technology of Rivista il Polo and their control; and the nature of the aurora.

To receive the IL POLO magazine go to: Contribution. As a donation to the activities of the Friends of the Polar Museum (shipping costs included)

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The editorial board is happy to consider articles on polar subjects for publication. You can contact the Institute’s Director, e-mail: direttore@museopolare.it

Istituto Geografico Polare “Silvio Zavatti”, Villa Vitali, Viale Trento 29, 63900 Fermo, Italy www.museopolare.it  – Tel.: +39 0734 284465